Newborn to Toddler

Now available in 2 sizes, newborn 2-6 kg and in the original design 3-18kg.

A nappy to take bub from newborn to toddler, the pikapu nappy's original design is all you need to get you through until toilet training. Also now available the pikapu newbies, for those that like a two tierd sizing system.Read More

Toilet Training

A training pant that can turn into a night nappy and look like pants and not a nappy.

Is your little one on to you? Do they know that those 'special pants' you have given them are still effecitvely a nappy? Then take a look at our training pants, designed to fit like underwear, but can work like a nappy if you need it to.Read More

Mattress Protectors

Mattress Protectors to fit a cot to king single. One protector to fits all.

Having some troubles at night time? Tired of changing the entire bed everytime there is a accident. We have the solution for you. Why not try one of our protectors, designed to go on top of the sheets for a quick bed change.Read More


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